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Anonymous: Y did u decide to get owks on ur thigh?

owls represent wisdom. Overcoming lots of hardships in my life, I only learn and get wiser from it.

Anonymous: I jacked off to your pictures on my iPhone during class. Is there something wrong with me?


Anonymous: Out of all your tats which has the most significant meaning

definitely the sacred heart on my left arm.

Anonymous: Lol, this bitch probably hasn't even seen star wars movies. And stop putting your lips like that. It doesn't look sexy. idgaf if you erase this, knowing people hate you is good enough for me. Go get heart broken again cause no one wants you, dumb bitch.

xoxo ;)

Anonymous: I noticed u like Star Wars, so I gotta ask: Are you a Jedi or a Sith? X)

Sith ;)

Anonymous: Wow.. You are amazingly beautiful! And the fact your a star wars geek...just wow.. Lol. Whats your fav movie from the six?

Thank ya! And Attack of the Clones.